Kids meet their idols 2019

This year the special cross-country skiing afternoon themed „Kids meet their Idols“ went into its sixth round. Kids from different Tyrolian skiing-clubs were invited and of course the Nordic combined athletes of the Austrian national team took part in this special event again.

Almost 60 young talents took the chance to meet their idols on this afternoon and to catch some useful tips and tricks. With lots of games, fun and sports they spent an exciting cross-country skiing afternoon with the Nordic combination athletes, which were at least as motivated and ambitious as the young talents.

The bronze medallist from the world championships Mario Seidl and Lukas Klapfer, Lukas Greiderer, junior world champion Johannes Lamparter and many more took their time for the „stars of tomorrow“ and shared a lot of tips and tricks with them.

Johannes Lamparter and Dominik Terzer – originally young  participants of the „Kids meet their Idols“ themselves – returned this year as proud bearers of several junior world championship medals to share their experience with the young talents. A great story, which had it’s beginning in some of the first JumpandReach „Kids meet their Idols“.

After the sports program the kids had time for a personal meet-and-greet with their idols of the Nordic combined team and took pictures, selfies and autographs.

Mario Seidl: “I have been part of „Kids meet their Idols“ many times and it‘s really great to see how ambitious the young talents are. I like it to contribute to motivating children to exercise and to be outside and of course work on their dreams. I think it’s a great thing.“

Johannes Lamparter: “For me the „Kids meet their Idols“ is very special in two ways. First, I really enjoy seeing with how much fun and motivation the young talents participate and how they look up to us. Second, I had a lot of fun myself here a few years ago as a young talent and enjoyed the training with Willi, Bieles and co. It’s an indescribable feeling  to train the children alongside with them now and to jump and cross-country ski with them in the World cup, like this year.”

Patrick Murnig (JumpandReach): “JumpandReach has set itself the objective to motivate children for sports and to support young talents. Therefore we are really happy about our „Kids meet their Idols“ being such a great success every year. And that the event serves for motivating kids to keep working on their dreams in the most important years. A big thanks goes to the athletes, who do a really great job with the kids. As you can see, they do not miss out on the fun either.”

Find a video of this great day under the following link: Kids meet their idols 2019

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