Kids meet their Idols

For many years JumpandReach organizes different sports event – according to the motto „Kids meet their idols” – to give children an understanding of the world of sports and to inspire and motivate them. One of these projects is for children doing Nordic disciplines. Every year with the help of the Nordic combiners of the Austria national team, we organize an afternoon training program in order to get the kids motivated and to encourage them in their athletic development. Spending time and practicing with their idols is an unforgettable experience for the children.

The ambition is to give pleasure to the kids and to motivate them for the Nordic combined or rather sports in general. Therefore, “Kids meet their idols” is one important element to achieve JumpandReach’s aim: “Bring children to sport”. We are very happy that this event became so popular for kids and athletes over the last few years.

Patrick Murnig (founder): “The institution JumpandReach tries to play its part to be a role model for young athletes and to exemplify values such as respect, fairness, ambition, discipline and so on. Therefore, it is great to see that projects like “kids meet their idols” end up being successful. Children get to know important values, which motivate them to do sports. Fun should not be missing of course.”

Big thanks to all the athletes, who take their time to make it an unforgettable experience for the children.

You’ll find impressions of this project here: Gallery.