Lis Raudaschl stays ambassador

Next week the only 20 years old ski jumper Lis Raudaschl will start in a new world cup season, her first world cup season with Olympic Games. The main goal for the young Upper Austrian is to show a constant performance: “I worked very focused this summer and I think I made a big step forward. The goal is to live it up to the world cup season and to show a constant performance. We will see how good that will be compared to the other jumpers. Nevertheless it’s a fact that being part of Olympic Games is big dream of mine wish I would like to fulfill, but there is much to do till then.”

But she does not only have ambition to achieve a great performance with her, she also has an important matter in her bag – to inspire kids for sports and movement. That’s why she will jump again this season with the wording “kids(e)motion” on her helmet and is therefore still our important ambassador of this initiative. Kids(e)motion stands for enthusiasm for sports and movement as well as for sportive values like ambition, discipline, fair play and respect. Exactly those are the things Lis tries to set an example for kids.

We wish her a lot of success for this season and that she will be able to carry the idea of this initiative further, to become involved in the development of kids and young athletes.

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