New addition to the JaR young athletes support – Welcome FC Nüziders U11

With our campaign to promote children and young sport talents, a special project was initiated a couple years ago. The unique concept is about supporting youth teams, which do outstanding work  in order to ensure the best possible sportive and personal development of their kids. With FC Nüziders U11 we proudly welcome another team to the JumpandReach family!

For JumpandReach the major point in choosing a team for our special support project, is not primarily the sportive accomplishment – the teaching of values like fairness, discipline, ambition and respect and an intensive support of young talents are most important to us. In all these points, FC Nüziders U11 sets a good example and therefore fits perfectly into our JumpandReach family.

JaR founder Patrick Murnig: „It has always been important to us to accompany children and young athletes in one or the other way and to support them in accomplishing their goals. Therefore we are very happy to contribute in the development of young athletes! We are glad to have FC Nüziders from Vorarlberg with us!“

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