U11 / U12 SV Absam

They are black, they are white, they are Absam Dynamite!

The SV Absam coaches nine young teams with more than 120 kids and ten trainers in total. Especially the youngest age groups increased in demand the last few years. Therefore, the SV Absam has established a rule: every child is allowed to come and practice with the team. Only the passion and regularly visits are essential to be become member of the football club. The ambition of the SV Absam is to offer kids an environment in which they feel confident and where they are able to develop.

Proof that this concept works is all the success of the young and professional teams in the last season, as well as the young talents like Dominik Popp (FC Wacker Innsbruck) and Dennis Tomic (U19 Austria Wien) who started playing football and got support at the SV Absam.

All year long, the club is besides football also focusing on other activities in order to strengthen team spirit. For example: visiting other events, barbecue nights or skiing days. The training camp at the sport field in Absam and at the Adria became tradition, where the relation between kids, coaches and caregivers, the athletic development and the joy of movement are most important.