U12 / U13 UHC Absam

The handball club UHC Absam is the youngest handball club in Tyrol and is especially focusing on the work with young athletes. The active handball players are between four and fourteen years old. The club has more than 120 active members since the establishment in 2008. The children and youngsters get age-based practice lessons where fun of movement is most important. The ambition of the UHC is to offer children an environment in which they feel confident, where they have fun and are able to develop. During the season 2014/15 the UHC Absam represented three very strong teams in the age group under 12 and in the “Mattenball”-group they are defending their master title for four years.

Even the other age groups play at the top of their leagues which is proof for successful and targeted young athletes’ promotion. Beside the successful appearance within the Tyrolean Handball league the club organizes different events and get-togethers again and again to give the children an understanding of fun with sports. Therefore, the UHC is a great example for young athletes support that we promote with clear conscience and pleasure. Extensive young athletes’ promotion needs not only a lot of volunteers and helpers but also a financial and structural framework.