Young Athletes Support goes National Football Match

Flags and horns were needed, when JumpandReach invited the clubs of its “Young Athletes Support” to the friendly national football match of Austria against Finland. All young athletes cheered enthusiastically for the Austrian team with David Alaba as captain while having a great football evening!

But the evening wasn’t all about football. The whole JumpandReach athletes family, Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck, Mario Seidl, Lis Raudaschl, Christian Deuschl, Dominik Terzer, Raphael Galle, Dominik Popp and Benjamin Pranter, took some time for the kids, posing for fotos, writing autographes and just chatting with the kids. And also during the game the kids had some time to talk to their idols.

In the end a very special evening for the kids, parents and athletes!

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